Montavista's "Open Source Real-Time Linux Project" again

Paolo Mantegazza mantegazza at
Thu Oct 14 15:45:24 CEST 2004


They have gone from this:

"We are reluctant to publish any performance numbers until
we have completed the mutex-spinlock partitioning and
provisioned support for RW locks.
At that point, we expect the worst case preemption latencies
to be in the hundreds of microseconds on a typical workstation."

to this:

     "This project builds on MontaVista's record ... blah ... blah 
     The goal of this project is to deliver performance and 
deterministic real-time responsiveness that is comparable to that of 
other commercial and proprietary RTOSes. MontaVista expects to lower 
Linux task preemption latency (worst case) from a range of one to tens 
of milliseconds, down to tens of microseconds, for time-critical 
applications. This would be an improvement of at least two orders of 
magnitude in Linux responsiveness."

in a couple of days! You have just to imagine what they'll do in a week!


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