Which RTAI version for ARM720T core?

Umar Qureshey uq at ecs.fullerton.edu
Sun Oct 17 12:54:10 CEST 2004

Hi All,

I am brand new to RTAI.

I have an old ARM 7212 (based on ARM720T core) custom-board onto which I
ported Linux 2.4.18rmk6 some time ago.  Now I would like to experiment
with running real-time programs on it.

Does anyone have any suggestions, gotchas, comments, etc. for this
processor type and Linux version with regards to RTAI?
Can I use RTAI 3.1 with this kernel version and processor?

My cross compile tools are gcc 2.95.3 and glibc 2.2.3 although I might
switch to uclibc later on.  I know these are old but they work well for
this kernel and the last thing I want to be doing is debugging the tools.

Comments and/or answers to my questions are greatly appreciated.



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