Philippe Gerum rpm at xenomai.org
Sun Oct 17 12:58:04 CEST 2004


Running LiveCD 0.5, I noticed the following:

o preempt and switch test entries are swapped for both UP and LXRT modes
(e.g. #2 should be #3, #5 should be #6 and conversely).

o I need to hit the ENTER key to get the output of the LXRT latency test
(which meanwhile seems to be running in the background), while it's not
necessary for the UP test. It looks like the output is being piped and
buffered, but I'm not sure of this. Is it?

o I've got XXL latencies on my test box, which otherwise works fine
using my development setup. Maybe it's a config problem. I'll check

o It would be nice to have some clock somewhere displaying the current
test duration.

o Running the switches test does not bring much additional information,
since preempt uses semaphores too and obviously does task switching
heavily, so the figures of the former are part of the latter. If the
LiveCD is about testing the sanity of one's hw configuration and
detecting local RTAI software mis-configurations by comparing with known
sane settings, having details such as "you've taken 987 ns to switch
stacks" is basically useless IMHO. 



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