Problem with S-Function?

Lars.Busch at Lars.Busch at
Mon Oct 18 12:32:34 CEST 2004

after resolving problems with rtai and xrtailab we finally got to test 
comedi with a pci-mio-16e-4 board. Rtai, xrtailab and the 
work fine and also does the demo of comedilib, but if I try to run a 
simulink created model I get the following error message: 
Comedi find_subdevice failed (No analog output)  
Failed in target initialization.  
Target is terminated.  
Rtai- and comedi-modules have been loaded and I also did a comedi_config 
/dev/comedi0 ni_pcimio  
Could it be a problem within the S-Function block comedi_data_write of 
Anyone any suggestions? 
Thanks in advance 
Lars Busch 

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