invalid documentation of rtf_create return value

Maximilian Heise max.heise at
Wed Oct 20 13:56:38 CEST 2004


i was checking the return value of the function rtf_create and noticed 
that the function returns 0 on my system even though i expected, after 
reading the documentation in /usr/realtime/share/doc/rtai-3.1/html/api, 
a return value of size (the 2 argument to rtf_create which is the 
requested size of the fifo) if everything is ok.

Everthing works alright, but i just thought that somebody should/could 
maybe update the invalid docu.

Using rtai-3.1 on 2.4.27, FC1


Maximilian HEISE
max.heise at, Maximilian.Heise at
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