lxrt question - dynamical loading of code at runtime into lxrt application

Maximilian Heise max.heise at gmx.net
Thu Oct 21 10:34:18 CEST 2004


my question is lxrt design related.

We have an application, it's real time control, until now we are using 
kernel space. The question is how i could port that to lxrt.

We are dynamically loading multiple exchangeable controllers at runtime 
for our different plants on one machine. In kernel mode this can be done 
by loading a module.
Since the kernel is basically one namespace, by knowing the right 
function names in other modules we plug into the framework of our other 
communication/logging/IPC modules.

I'm aware on how to port all the other modules and the driver for the 
DAQ card which will be running all the time. But how can i load a module 
(or any other piece of code) into an lxrt enabled program in user space 
at runtime ?

Has anybody else done a similar thing with lxrt ?
Or even better, anybody has examples, bits of code etc. ?

Thanks so much for your pointers/info

Maximilian HEISE
max.heise at gmx.net, Maximilian.Heise at upc.es
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