hal6, hal7, hal12, hal16 ... ?

Hannes Mayer h.mayer at inode.at
Sun Oct 24 22:39:28 CEST 2004

Philippe Gerum wrote:
>>My question was more related to stability than functionally.
>>The kernel2.4 branch of Adeos is older, so it is more tested and therefore
>>more stable than the kernel2.6 branch ? So I assume RTAI with hal16 is
>>considered more stable too ?
> I'd say that all Adeos incarnations in their latest releases for both
> 2.4 and 2.6 have the same level of stability. Using one or the other
> should be a consequence of going for a given kernel branch, not the
> other way around. AFAIC, I'm exclusively working with 2.6 since January.

Thank you very much Philippe!

If I may ask, what is your average uptime for kernel 2.6 ?

If you need to design a production system now, which kernel and which
version of RTAI / hal-patch would you recommend (x86) ?

Thank you again,

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