testsuit/user/preempt problem

Hannes Mayer h.mayer at inode.at
Mon Oct 25 18:53:29 CEST 2004

Paolo Mantegazza wrote:
> Der Herr Hofrat wrote:
>> Hi !
>>  checking up on 3.1 for the workshop CD on a AMD Duron 1.6 GHz compiled
>>  RTAI for 2.6.7 with default settings (make menuconfig -> save) make 
>>  make install (all thmoth) but the jitter tests show a problem. run the
>>  first time they seem ok - stoped with <CNTRL>-<C> and restarted I get
>>  the following output (reproducible with a sligth variation of absolute
>>  values).
>> AMD Duron 1.6GHz
>> platform Slcakware 10.0
>> Kernel 2.6.7
>> Patch hal7-2.6.7
> Another request. Can you stop it by just typing "ENTER", as suggested 
> when it runs, and report the outcome of repeated runs?

FWIW, yesterday I checked my installations of RTAI (3.0r4 on 2.4.25 and
3.1 on for the cited problem.
The problem doesn't occur here, but when interrupting testsuite/user/preempt
with CTRL-C there was an error:
[translated message]
sleep: cannot read from realtime clock: unknown error 516

That error only occurs on 3.1/ when interrupting with CTRL-C.
If I just press ENTER it ends nominally. In any case, 'preempt' exits.

Best regards,
Hannes Mayer.

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