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Roberto Bucher roberto.bucher at supsi.ch
Mon Oct 25 13:11:16 CEST 2004

It can be a problem with the mesa support under efltk. You can have one of the 
following situation:

- ld.so.conf doesn't contains the directory where you installed the mesa lib
- You have both mesa from xrtailab installation and mesa from your linux 
distribution. The system try to work with the distribution mesa lib and not 
with the 5.1 or 6.0 mesalib

These are problems that we already constated in our different installation. I 
hope this can help


> I'm trying xrtailab support for rtw-matlab.
> I am using RTAI 3.1 + kernel  patched with rthal patch from
> RTAI-3.1-test1. I'm working on pentium 4 3.2 Ghz (Debian 3.1 GNU/Linix).
> I compiled xrtailab and everything seems to work well. I make a simple
> example test.mdl (signal+scope), on Matlab 6.5 (R13), without compilation
> error. I start my real-time application (test.mdl), and I connect to
> xrtailab. I can open the scope's signal window but there is no signal
> plotted on it! I can't look my signals even if I change the parameters in
> scope's control windows. Am I missing somethings?
> Any help is highly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Claudio.
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