Data sharing bet RTAI and kthread

Paolo Mantegazza mantegazza at
Wed Oct 27 12:18:41 CEST 2004

deepa.vijayaraghavan at wrote:
> Hi,
>      If the socket implementation were to be done in a kernel thread, I 
> have some doubts regarding data sharing between the RTAI module and the 
> kernel thread. I guess we could use FIFOs, shm or the scb interface, 
> based on the application's requirements. Am I correct? But, how about 
> the calls to access these from the kthread? Will these be also through 
> the user system calls, which will be wrapped in calls with a 'k' prefix, 
> to take care of the memory spaces?
> Guess these are all newbie questions..
> Thanks a ton once again for your patience and help!

You are in kernel space so data are natively sharable. Using scb solves 
your problem already. I told you already that it has been modified in 
the CVS to help you, but is useful in general, using it in kernel only also.


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