Pb with FPUsupport and VMalloc activated on PPC platform

Nicolas Genevrier nicolas.genevrier at cioinfoindus.fr
Wed Oct 27 12:33:04 CEST 2004


we have a configuration who needs FPU support, and due to amount of dynamic
memory, we use VMalloc in the RTAI allocator.

We use RTAI 3.0r2 (same problem with 3.0r4) on kernel 2.4.25, on a Men B11
board (processor = MPC8245).

The problem is that in RT tasks, we get bus errors when calling rt_sleep.
After more investigation, it is due to the save and restore of processor
flags in rt_sleep code.

We have the same problem with a RT task who just make loops on the following
code :

unsigned long flags;

flags = rt_global_save_flags_and_cli();    // Save flags
rt_global_restore_flags(flags);                // Restore them

This problem does'nt appear on X86 architecture.

Can anyone give us a hint about such problems ?
Has anyone already used both FPU support and VMalloc on rtai 3 on PPC ?

Thanks for your help.


Best regards,
 Nicolas Genevrier                         mailto:nicolas.genevrier at cioinfoindus.fr

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