how to make fusion work?

Gavin Li gavinl at
Wed Oct 27 16:35:08 CEST 2004

I download linux- from and download fusion-0.6.1 from, I did these steps
cd linux-
patch -p1 <
cp /boot/config-whatever .config
make menuconfig
I enabled adeos support, compile kernel with frame pointer
make modules_install install
select to boot to linux-
cd fusion-0.6.1
make menuconfig
make install

cd /usr/realtime/modules

I found rtai_hal.ko, rati_native.ko, rtai_vxworks.ko, and other skins

So, I did insmod rtai_hal.ko, then I tried to insmod any other *.ko, but all
they are missing loto of symbols. I can't make them run.

What did I missing? 

BTW, what means r8c5?


Gavin Li

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