apropos RTAI 3.1 LXRT preempt problems

Saverio Labozzetta saverio.labozzetta at capgemini.com
Wed Oct 27 19:03:39 CEST 2004

I've had a problem running (or better trying to stop) the
preempt test in the user branch of /usr/realtime/testsuite on a pentium 
M laptop : the system frozen and the only way out I've found was 
powering down, so I looked  in 
usr/src/rtai-3.1/rtai-testsuite/user/preempt/preempt.c and I found -in
the int main()- a call: "signal (SIGINT, endme)"  but the static void
endme (int dummy) { end = 1; } was defined in the display.c in the
of the same directory; so I've copied in the preempt.c and the
thing seemed to work
(I've not reported this becouse I've thinked it was a joke someone
played to see how much I was fool). If it may be something similar try
to look in the sources.

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