Compiling kernel option

Umar Qureshey uq at
Thu Oct 28 01:20:34 CEST 2004


I compiled Adeos support in kernel as built-in <*>, not module
<M>.  Can this cause problems?

I compiled and installed RTAI 3.1 on an i686 Mandrake System and FTP'ed
the /usr/realtime to my laptop where I intend to run it.  When I run the
kern/latency/ test, the program spits out some min. max. latency output
and then the laptop freezes.  Could this be caused by compiling Adeos as
built-in instead of module?

I also do not see /proc/rtai but I do see an 'Adeos pipelined enabled'
sort of message during boot time.

Any help appreciated.



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