rtf_open_sized blocks

Alexander Fedtke ubf at gmx.net
Thu Oct 28 11:48:52 CEST 2004


rtf_open_sized() blocks my lxrt task when the fifo is already opened by a
plain linux process for blocking read.

cat /proc/rtai/fifos shows that the linux task has opened the rtf with size
of 1000 bytes allocated by kmalloc (used by 1 resource)
When starting the lxrt task (that calls rtf_open_sized with size of
1.000.000) the fifo resource counter is incremented, but size and
[k|v]malloc is not changed (lxrt task blocks).
When killing my lxrt task (by pressing CTRL-C) the fifo recource counter
will be decremented correctly.
When restarting my lxrt application everything works fine: resource counter
is incremented, size is adapted and "kmalloc" is replaced by "vmalloc"

What can I do to get rtf_open_sized() working even on first start of the
lxrt application.
BTW: simply starting the linux task after the lxrt task works but is not
acceptable for my application

Thanks in advance, Alexander

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