Compilation problems with rtai-comedi

Roberto Bucher roberto.bucher at
Thu Oct 28 22:43:01 CEST 2004

Hi Anders

first of all you need to copy (or link) your comedi.h and comedilib.h also 
under include/linux. The configuration of RTAI get /usr but the .h are 
searched under /usr/include/linux.

The secon problem is connected with the comedilib.h coming with comedilib. You 
have to copy the comedilib.h from the comedi cvs and not from comedilib cvs! 
This is a known problem connected with the comedi cvs.



On Thursday 28 October 2004 16:44, you wrote:
> Previously, we have been using rtai in a few research projects.
> Recently we have started to look into using rtai in lab-setups for
> undergrads. Here we would like to use Matlab/Simulink with RTW and
> xrtailab. I've successfully set up a test box to test this part of the
> tool-chain. In the lab-setups, we're obviously going to need to interface
> I/O-cards, hence I've installed comedi (with rtai support) & comedilib.
> To be able to use the predefined simulink comedi A/D & D/A blocks in
> RTW, rtai-addons/comedi must be built first. Here the problems gathers.
> I hope some of you might get an idea of what the solution could be when
> you read further on...
> What I've done, and what problems occurred:
> I've downloaded and installed Vesuvio from cvs. Kernel 2.6.7, adeos
> hal7-patch. (See the end of the mail for a link to configuration files
> as well as the complete rtai build-log).
> I downloaded the cvs versions of comedi and comedilib (as I understand
> it, the current stable release do not like the combination of rtai/adeos
> and 2.6.x-kernel). Comedi are configured with
> ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-rtaidir=/usr/realtime
> and comedelib with the same prefix. They both compiles and installs
> OK, and my PCI-1711 card is recognized.
> Now I try to compile rtai again, this time with comedi-support (pointing
> to the install path /usr, as used above). Now the first problem occur:
> 1) The configure-script looks for comedilib.h in <linux/comedilib.h>,
> but comedilib has installed it in <comedlib.h>. (I.e. directly under
> /usr/include in my case). Errormsg:
> checking for COMEDI... configure: error: /usr/include directory doesn't
> contain linux/comedilib.h
> When trying to work around this problem by adding a softlink, the
> configure script works.
> 2) However, make fails when building rtai-comedi as it can't find
> linux/comedi.h. Errormsg:
> In file included from /usr/src/vesuvio/rtai-addons/comedi/kcomedi.c:28:
> /usr/src/vesuvio/rtai-addons/comedi/rtai_comedi.h:126:26:
> linux/comedi.h: No such file or directory
> The two problem above, occurs in the same way if comedi is installed
> under /usr/local, just exchange /usr/include for /usr/local/include.
> Trying to work around this problem the same way as
> before, two alternative problems occur:
> 3a) If comedi & comedilib is installed under /usr/local, the compiler
> can't find fctnl.h, stdio.h and sys/ioctl.h (I think the last one was
> sys/ioctl.h).
> 3b) If comedi & comedelib is installed under /usr, lots of redefinitions
> of stuff happens, eg.:
>   CC [M]  /usr/src/builddir-vesuvio/rtai-addons/comedi/kcomedi-module.o
> In file included from /usr/include/features.h:295,
>                  from /usr/include/sys/ioctl.h:22,
>                  from /usr/include/linux/comedilib.h:29,
>                  from
> /usr/src/vesuvio/rtai-addons/comedi/rtai_comedi.h:86,
>                  from
> /usr/src/builddir-vesuvio/rtai-addons/comedi/kcomedi-modul
> e.c:34:
> /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h:183:1: warning: "__attribute_pure__" redefined
> and
> /usr/include/sys/types.h:35: error: redefinition of `u_char'
> include/linux/types.h:93: error: `u_char' previously declared here
> /usr/include/sys/types.h:36: error: redefinition of `u_short'
> include/linux/types.h:94: error: `u_short' previously declared here
> /usr/include/sys/types.h:37: error: redefinition of `u_int'
> (The full message can be found in the err.log at the link below).
> Yes, I know that the work arounds I tried are an attempt to just cure the
> symptom and not the problem... One just has to try everything!
> The complete build log from running 'make 2>&1 1>err.log' in the
> builddir, together with the rtai-configuration and kernel configuration
> are availalbe as a tar-file at
> Well, the mail got quite long, so I hope someone has read this far!
> Thanks for any pointers...
> Anders

University of Applied Sciences
of Southern Switzerland
Dept CS & EE

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