Compilation problems with rtai-comedi

Anders Zachrison andza at
Fri Oct 29 11:20:47 CEST 2004

* Roberto Bucher <roberto.bucher at> [041028 22:38]:

> first of all you need to copy (or link) your comedi.h and comedilib.h
> also under include/linux. The configuration of RTAI get /usr but the
> .h are searched under /usr/include/linux.

Ok, sounds like I had stumbled on the rigth solution anyway then (or
part of the rigth solution).

> The secon problem is connected with the comedilib.h coming with
> comedilib. You have to copy the comedilib.h from the comedi cvs and
> not from comedilib cvs!  This is a known problem connected with the
>  comedi cvs.

This solved my problem!

Thanks for the help!
I'm up and running a program generated from Simulink which is
communicateing with the I/O-card now.


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