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Fri Oct 29 11:49:42 CEST 2004

On Thu, 28.10.04, Kenneth Jacker <khj at> wrote:

> I am *most* interested in hearing others' experiences, thoughts,
> suggestions, and/or comments ...

Here's what I would Do:

Create two LXRT tasks, making one of them hard-realtime, the other is
soft-realtime, both communicate using RTAI IPC calls. Additionally, the
second task opens a socket (say, a named pipe) and passes on the data on to
the socket.

You then write a java app that, too, opens the named pipe, and you use that
pipe to pass data from/to the LXRT app.

Of course the pipe may run full (the soft-realtime task will have to drop
data) whenn the java app is busy doing garbage collecting, but what did you
expect? :-)

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