RTAI 3.1 LXRT preempt problems

Panagiotis Issaris panagiotis.issaris at mech.kuleuven.ac.be
Sat Oct 30 10:51:05 CEST 2004


Yes, there apear to be more people experiencing the "error 516" problem,
some with exactly the same software setup as others who don't.

This new entry in the LiveCD database is not from the user I reported
about earlier and seems to have to same problem:

With friendly regards,

Hannes Mayer wrote:

> Panagiotis Issaris wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've received two reports regarding problems with the
>> preempt tests using LXRT on RTAI 3.1 (of my LiveCD version
>> 0.7 - so 2.6.7-adeos r8c5).
>> One person stated that:
>>  "LXRT preempt test freezes my laptop"
>> while another stated:
>> "I get the following error when I stop (Ctrl-c) the test 4 (LXRT 
>> preemt) :
>> Sleep : Unknown error 516"
> I too get "error 516" on
> sleep: Echtzeit-Uhr kann nicht gelesen werden: Unbekannter Fehler 516
> (translated: sleep: can't read from real time clock: unknown error 516)
> Also happens on 2.6.7/3.1 (hal7)
> If I'm running this test via SSH a even more strange thing happens:
> The kernel panics ("In idle task - not syncing"), but the system stays up
> and running!!! (kern.log below)
> Pretty strange!
> Anyone ?

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