Known issues for Vesuvio on 2.6?

Philippe Gerum rpm at
Wed Sep 15 14:43:08 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 01:01, Panagiotis Issaris wrote:
> Hi,
> Normally I compile the ADEOS code into the kernel, e.g. not
> as a loadable kernel module.
> Now, as I recently noted that under heavy network or CPU
> load on my system ADEOS  crashes, I decided to compile
> ADEOS as a loadable module. The system still boots fine,
> but it crashes immediatly on loading of the adeos.ko module.
> Is this a generally known issue? If not, I'll get some more information.

It's not a known issue, otherwise, a final r6 patch would have not been
issued in the first place. Please send as much information as you have
on the crash information when loading adeos.ko. What you see might be
related to what Steve Seeger has experienced with his embedded target
over 2.6.7-r6 too. Knowing if 2.6.7-r5 works or not for you would be
nice to locate the change that might have affected stability in r6.

> The crashing occurred when I was copying data over the network
> to the Debian GNU/Linux RTAI 3.1 (Vesuvio current CVS tree) system,
> which uses a 2.6.7 Linux kernel with the hal6 patch. The system
> crashed without any RTAI modules loaded, just the adeos kernel
> code loaded (which was compiled in). If it isn't a known issue that
> 2.6.7-hal6 kernels crash under heavy network load, I'll try to get some
> more information on that as well.
> As mentioned above my system is a:
> Debian GNU/Linux Unstable
> With a Linux 2.6.7 kernel patched with the hal6 patch from the current
> Vesuvio tree.
> The compiler used is the Debian GCC 3.3.4.
> I'm using a x86 compatible (P4).
> With friendly regards,
> Takis


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