Paolo Mantegazza mantegazza at aero.polimi.it
Tue Dec 18 09:15:02 CET 2007

Peter Soetens wrote:
> Hi,
> In RTAI 3.5, the configure script checks if the CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=n in the 
> kernel configuration. Is this still required when using 2.6 kernels ? Wasn't 
> this only for Linux 2.4.x ? I'd rather have it CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y as I was 
> hitting a bug when using different compilers for kernel and RTAI. 
> CONFIG_MODVERSIONS would have detected this, and possibly other violations as 
> well.
> Peter

It is a forgotten subject, so it should heve not been a problem for 
quite some time. Nonetheless I agree that if it is a useless constraint 
then it should be removed for 2.6.xx.

Have you done it already, without any problem? Do you have a patch 
ready? If not we'll see what to do ASAP.


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